Said the Messenger of Allah SAW “Whosoever built a mosque, Allah will build for him a similar place in Paradise” (Sahih al-Bukhari)

Help build a mosque and earn the rewards of sadaqah jariyah

Your generosity will help hundreds of Brothers and Sisters to have a place of worship and Islamic learning. Your help will have a massive impact on the social and spiritual well-being of the community as they will see their new mosque being built.


When you donate to a new mosque you are doing one of the noblest of good deeds. Your sadaqah jariyah will continue to bring you rewards even after your life in this material world has expired.


Your support will help with two kinds of mosque projects: a new mosque of 70m2 and a masjid complex.


The masjid complex will contain a mosque, a borehole, 2 classrooms, a house, an area for ablution (or wudu) and toilets.

Give sadaqah jariyah and help build a mosque

Mosque 70sqm


Masjid complex


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