Ramadan Iftar

Said the Messenger of Allah
“Whoever gives iftar to a
fasting person will have a
reward like his, without
that detracting from the reward of
the fasting person in the

Give iftar to a fasting Muslim and food for a family

Ramadan is the month of fasting, giving and community. All year round we worship our Creator. And all year round we ought to do good deeds to please Allah. We know that during Ramadan we can earn extra rewards.

For the love of Allah help us bring iftar and food baskets to Muslim Brothers, Sisters and families. Do good and receive rewards.

With the assistance of Zamzam Africa, we deliver cooked iftar and food baskets of ingredients to communities in 7 countries including Cameroon, Jordan, Lebanon, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Your Ramadan iftar and food basket donation

Ramadan Food Basket

Contents vary depending on the community where it is distributed


Ramadan Iftar

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Reference: Ramadan Iftar