“Give gifts, as it will grow love between you.”

Pay your zakat and fulfill your obligation

As Muslims, we have an obligation to pay zakat. It is one of the five pillars of Islam to make zakat donations, almsgiving, that will go towards helping less fortunate people in the community.

There is baraka in giving. When you pay your zakat you fulfill your duty to Allah. Giving is a good deed that benefits the community, cleanses your wealth and nourishes your soul.

Zakat al fitr is due before the Eid al fitr prayer. It’s a duty of all Muslims (who have the financial means), including dependent family members. Zakat al mal, that 2.5% portion of your wealth, is due every year.

Your zakat donation via Zamzam Relief will be distributed to people who need it and are eligible for it in 7 countries, including Cameroon, Jordan, Lebanon, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

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